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ScribeWire, formerly CCS

Making media accessible, one line at a time.

Your trusted source for real-time and post-production accessibility.

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We work in

30 years in the business.

Founded as Closed Caption Services (aka "CCS") in 1994 and reborn as ScribeWire in 2024, we’ve transformed from a pioneering captioning company to an industry leader and key innovator in the world of digital accessibility. Today, we provide fast, reliable service in live broadcast captioning, post-production captioning, web captioning, described video, ASL, and much more.

Our story is one of vision, resilience and transformation. In the hands of our founder, Larry Gavin, a titan of broadcasting, and his visionary daughter, Brooke Woboditsch, our mission began with a simple yet powerful goal: making media accessible to all.

A woman making the sign for help.

We are your trusted
accessibility partner.

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We are at the forefront of innovation and change.

Our expertise, enriched with cutting-edge AI technology, not only meets but exceeds the diverse needs of our clients. We know first hand that the demand and regulation in the field of accessible programming, and the expectations of quality and accuracy in captioning, is at an all time high. 

Staying current is a must, and we do this through a constant review of the latest advances and news in the world of media accessibility, review mandates from regulators, and ensure that we are always delivering the highest standards of excellence in the business.

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