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A movie theatre with an audience, the screen showing a scene involving a fire truck.

Celebrating Representation: The Inclusion of Deaf Culture in Cinema

A braille reader for use on a computer to view websites and other content.

AODA Website Compliance: Accessibility Online

A vintage television with a dark wood finish on a square, wooden platform. On the TV’s right side, a panel on which thin vertical slats for a speaker sit above two shiny dials for channels and volume. A silver matte separates the set’s frame and pane

How Canada Ensures Access to Quality Closed Captioning

On the left, a painting of a man with wild grey hair and furrowed brow in a top coat over a red scarf and collared shirt. He looks up from the sheet music he writes on. On the right, a tall man and petite blonde woman at the 2021 Gotham Awards, clad

21 Hard of Hearing and Deaf Famous People

A woman faces a computer with closed captioning software open. The screen is displaying a news program.

Transcriptionist vs Captioner — What Are the Differences?

A young woman with brown hair and a white blazer participating in a virtual meeting with numerous participants.

7 Key Points to Hosting an Accessible Virtual Event

A woman sitting in front of a microphone with text on her screen, giving a thumbs up.

The Ins and Outs of Described Video

A woman wearing headphones is working at her computer with her hand on the mouse.

How to Become a Transcriber

Illustration of a woman, smiling, sitting at a desk in front of a computer with her hands on the keyboard. On her screen the closed captioning symbol is visible in the bottom left corner. Other parts of her screen contain illegible text. Nondescript

How to Provide Closed Captions Online

A '70s-style television set displays closed caption at the bottom which reads: The History of Closed Captioning

The History of Closed Captioning

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