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ScribeWire, formerly CCS

Transcription Services

Turn your audio and video content into text, fast.

In a world of video and audio, text still rules. No matter what industry you're in, written documents and communication is critical when it comes to conveying information. In fact, in some cases, written documentation is more useful to an end user than audio or video itself. But with so much audio and video being produced, how do you get all of that on paper? Whether you need our transcription services for a meeting, interview, podcast, or another event – we can help. 

ScribeWire, formerly known as CCS, is a leader in providing fast, reliable, and accurate transcriptions for all types of audio and video content. We are one of the top Canadian transcription services with a strong presence in the US, and we use a combination of talented transcriptionists paired with innovative AI technology solutions to produce industry-leading transcription.

Our Certified Transcription Services cater to a broad spectrum of needs, offering more than just text conversion and audio transcription – we deliver accuracy, reliability, and a true reflection of your content's essence. Our human-verified transcripts ensure that every detail, from a speaker's tone to the subtleties of the conversation, is captured accurately.

Whether it's for meetings, interviews, podcasts, or any event where every word matters, our services are designed to provide fast, reliable, and highly accurate transcriptions. We understand the importance of precision in transcription, especially when dealing with technical terminology or speakers with heavy accents. 

Our meticulous process, combined with our commitment to accessibility, ensures that your content is not just transcribed but transformed into a resource that provides equal access to information for everyone.

Innovative Technology with Human Verified Precision

We combine human transcription with the latest technology to produce incredibly accurate audio and video transcription. Our transcription process is powered by our team of professional transcribers who verify transcriptions to ensure fast and reliable transcriptions every time. 

Unlike automatic speech recognition (ASR) services, ScribeWire's transcription services bring a human touch to your content, ensuring that nuances are preserved and the final transcript is a true reflection of the original audio. Our expertise in handling a variety of accents and technical terminologies sets us apart, ensuring that every transcript we deliver meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Our verbatim transcription captures every sound, offering a detailed and accurate representation of the audio. For a more polished version, our clean-read transcripts provide a refined and concise rendition of your content.

Quick and Accurate Transcript Delivery

Time is money and that's why we offer quick turnaround times for rush projects, without compromising on quality. We work with all text, audio, or video file formats and deliver exceptional results every time, no matter how tight your deadline is. If you need a transcription "yesterday", give us a call and we'll make a plan.

How Transcription Benefits Your Business

Transcribing audio and video files with ScribeWire can have huge benefits for your business. 

Time Efficiency

By swiftly converting spoken words into written text, transcription can significantly expedite your documentation process. Some people can type very fast, but our professional transcribers type faster and they can transcribe all your audio and video content quickly and accurately. These transcribed documents are also searchable, facilitating quick and efficient retrieval of specific details from recorded conversations or meetings, saving valuable time. No more play, fast forward, play, rewind, play to try and find the information you're looking for. 

Accuracy and Precision

We pride ourselves on the accuracy and precision of our transcription services. Our transcription process has been meticulously refined to produce error-free and reliable transcripts. We regularly review the process and implement quality control measures to maintain the highest standards of accuracy. This is incredibly important where precision is critical, such as in legal proceedings, medical documentation, or any context where the veracity of information is essential.

Legal and Compliance

ScribeWire's transcription services are invaluable in legal and compliance contexts. The transcripts produced can serve as official documentation in legal proceedings, including court proceedings and legal interviews, like depositions. In industries with stringent regulatory requirements, such as healthcare and finance, transcriptions assist in meeting compliance standards, providing a verifiable record of important information.

Focus on Core Tasks

Our transcription services allow you to utilize your workforce where your business needs it most and let your staff concentrate on their core responsibilities. This allows you to run a more efficient, more profitable business and focus on providing higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Educational Purposes

Online learning is experiencing a boom like never before. Transcripts serve as valuable resources in these remote educational settings. They provide students with written material that complements audio or video content, facilitating better understanding and retention of information. In traditional academic environments, transcriptions of things like important lectures and presentations become integral tools for enhancing the learning experience.

Content Repurposing

Content is king and you want to be able to share your content as widely as possible, and the more you can use and reuse content, the broader your potential reach. Transcripts open up opportunities for content repurposing. By converting spoken content into text, it becomes easier to transform audio or video material into written formats such as blog posts, articles, or other content types, extending the reach and impact of the original material.

Interviews and Research

Researchers and journalists benefit significantly from transcription services. Transcribing recorded in-depth interviews or discussions not only provides a written record that can be analyzed, categorized, and mined for valuable insights, but it also saves valuable time. For researchers, this helps with the extraction of meaningful data from qualitative content. 

Remote Collaboration

Technology has made it easy to collaborate with people from around the world. This also means lots of important video calls and meetings. Transcriptions give you a written record of discussions and decisions made during virtual meetings, enhancing communication and ensuring that all team members have access to a clear and documented account of the proceedings, even when they're not physically present.


ScribeWire's speedy and accurate transcription services are a cost-effective solution to take care of documenting audio and video assets. Our transcription service is fast and accurate, saving you the time and effort of recruiting and training suitable staff, not to mention the quality control measures you will have to put in place to ensure that the transcripts are accurate. 

Improved Communication

Transcripts contribute to improved communication by providing a clear and written record of discussions. This clarity reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings, as project managers and team members can refer to the transcript to ensure alignment and understanding of key points discussed during meetings or collaborative sessions.

Make Your Communication Even More Accessible

In addition to transcription services, we offer closed captioning, described video, CART services and more, so you make your media accessible to everyone. What if rather than reading the transcription of your meeting, hard of hearing individuals could follow along with live captioning? Complementary solutions like this, help to make your communications more engaging and accessible to all.

Contact us directly for further information or to request a quotation for our certified transcription services today, and experience the ScribeWire difference – where precision meets efficiency.

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